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I just don't know where to begin...I get choked up when I think about how thankful I am to have Dr. Christiansen and Aloha caring for my doxie Charlie. Dr. Jeff Christainsen, fixed my boys IVDD and he and Aloha have walked me through Charlie's care and recovery. Doc answers calls and emails at 11pm and Aloha is just as available to talk you through something or to help you learn right there at the clinic. Recovery from 
that kind of surgery is difficult on a dog and it's owners and this team together, know how to get you through those challenges with compassion and professionalism. I even broke down crying one morning because I 
couldn't get Charlie to empty his bladder. Dr. C picked me up, dusted me off, showed me how to help Charlie and I had a whole new outlook on getting my dog back 100% and my ability to care for him. The Aloha rehab 
team of Dr. Becton and Ashley are quite a dynamic duo. The laser and acupuncture therapy is really helping Charlie get back on his feet and the physical therapy on site is helping him regain muscle and motor skills while teaching me what I can do at home. I will NEVER regret 
spending the money and dealing with all the challenges because Dr. Christiansen, Ashley and Dr.Becton gave me my Charlie back and were there for me 110%. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Tammy Burley - Melbourne, FL

A few years ago, I met Dr. Christiansen in an extreme panic situation. Sage, one of our Australian Blue Heelers, had a tragic accident while playing, and we were rushing her to his clinic. She had ruptured her diaphragm, had her bowel, liver, and spleen in her chest, compressing her lungs, and she was very close to dying. Dr. Christiansen was so gentle and calm and kind. He put all of her parts back in place and sewed her back up. She was back to being healthy and happy. 

Years later, arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease/Irritable Bowel Syndrome set in, and Sage started going downhill. So, it was a no-brainer to contact Dr. Christiansen again for Stem Cell Therapy / regenerative medicine for both Sage and her brother, Hero, who had also developed severe arthritis. Since the Stem Cell Therapy, both dogs are back to being active, happy, and healthy kids again. I can not thank him enough. Sage is 11, and Hero is 14.

Dr. Christiansen is the very best veterinarian I have met in my 70 years on Earth. It is a pleasure to know him; I wish he was a doctor for people, as he could set an example of how to care for patients. 

Lynne and Ron DiMenna - Cocoa Beach, FL

My 12-year-old Chocolate Lab, Lucy, presented with a cancerous tumor on her heart, which had begun to grow into the pericardial sac around her heart. If it wasn't promptly removed the tumor could have ruptured at any time, and Lucy would've died. Upon examination, Dr. Christiansen swiftly took her to perform the risky and complicated surgery to remove the tumor, as this was the only way to give her any chance of survival.

Despite the complexity of the surgery, he was able to remove all of the tumor as well as the pericardial sac surrounding the heart.  I feel extremely fortunate to have had Dr. Christiansen as our surgeon, as he performed this operation with exceptional confidence and skill.  His determination and dexterity has given me more time with my favorite "person", the love of my life, and my baby, Lucy. For this, I will be forever grateful.

Elizabeth Schifano - Melbourne, FL

Jesse was born with a congenital hernia in the diaphragm that caused some of his intestines and his liver to be trapped in the sac around his heart.

The additional pressure on his heart made it harder for his heart to expand normally, so he had trouble maintaining his oxygen. I repaired the hernia and restored normal anatomy when he was 8 months old. Just wanted to send you a picture of Jesse. He's doing great. Unbelievably active and very affectionate. Eating well. He's 10 months old now and weighs 10 pound. Getting to be a big fella. Thanks again for saving his sweet life.

Bill and Cheryl Wynn - Kissimee, FL

Dr. Christiansen was designated as our veterinary surgeon to remove two tumors from our beloved Boxer dog Gagey. From the beginning to the end, his professionalism, skill, and confidence provided us with the best service possible and very happy, well-healed Boxer. Dr. Christiansen is honest and direct, and it is evident from his constant communication and excellent treatment of our pet during check-ups and follow-up visits that he cares very much about his professional and our little patient. His holistic healing procedures, which included Manuka honey, worked amazingly well, and it is refreshing to see newer techniques and outside-the-box thinking to further veterinary surgeries and procedures.

Overall, they don't come any better than this, and we highly recommend his services.

Fin and Jennifer Bonset - Melbourne Beach,  Florida

Miracles happen and Patrick is proof. Our 8 year old yellow Lab sustained a ruptured disc in his neck. The compression on his spinal cord resulted in paralysis in all four of his legs. Devastated, we were faced with a tough decision, since an 85 pound dog would have little quality of life. Dr Christiansen felt that surgery could give Patrick an 80% chance of recovering, so we put our trust in his hands. Two agonizing weeks of home rest went by with no change and then the miracle happened. He walked! 

Call it skill, talent or divine intervention, there is no better surgeon.

Marlee & George Puskar - Rockledge,  Florida

Dr. Christiansen saved my best friend's life by his skill and experience!! Trevor, my 6 year old Papillion, swallowed four large palm seeds,  which lodged in his intestines. Dr. Christiansen removed the seeds and repaired the damaged intestinal wall -- a very  delicate and life-saving procedure.  I feel very fortunate that Dr. Christiansen performed  the surgery.

A great surgeon who cares about the pet's family, as well, and is always available to answer questions. Thanks, Dr. Christiansen! We are eternally grateful!

Marietta Restivo - Satellite Beach, Florida

My Labradoodle, LuLu, needed knee surgery. Her health is my top priority, so I researched Veterinary Surgeons, and Dr. Christiansen was highly recommended to me. My experience with him has been wonderful, and Lulu loves him. His demeanor with her was so compassionate, you could really see how much he cares about animals.

Lulu is fully recovered from her surgery, yet I still look to Dr. Christiansen as a source of advice and expertise regarding Lulu's well being.

Debbie Arluck - Palm Bay, Florida

Dr. Christiansen performed a Tibial Tuberosity Advancement /Modified Maquet Technique on our 6 1/2 year old retriever mix, Smilla, in March of 2014.  She is fully recovered and able to do everything she did before.  We are so glad that Dr. Christiansen was her surgeon.  He was very good about explaining everything to us and the post-op care was exceptional.
Ric and Nancy Garwood - Merritt Island, FL
I am the proud owner of Kronos, a 178 pound English Mastiff.  Dr.Christiansen alerted me to the possible danger of Kronos twisting his stomach due to his large size and breed, a fact that I was unaware of. Kronos had an endoscopic-assisted gastropexy to prevent this and came through with flying colors and little if any duress thanks to the care and attention of Dr. Christiansen and his staff. 
Many THANKS and ACCOLADES for a job well done.
Jere Spurlin - Indialantic, Florida